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Trips and Slips

Injuries caused by trips, slips and falls can often be dismissed as trivial, but these accidents can have life-long ramifications and cause severe injuries such as broken bones and head injuries.

We have a wealth of experience in successfully pursuing claims for compensation for injuries sustained from trips, slips and falls in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Injuries to children, adults and the elderly.
  • Injuries resulting from defective or unsafe pavements and utility grids.
  • Injuries that were caused by wet floors in business establishments, schools, hospitals and shops.
  • Injuries that occurred in sporting facilities and playgrounds.
  • Injuries and illnesses suffered by council tenants.
  • Injuries caused by potholes in roads.

Injuries from trips, slips and falls are not simply the result of carelessness on your part. Organisations, whether private or public, have a duty of care to those who will be on their premises. Supermarkets, shops and other private businesses must ensure that their floors and outside surfaces are safe to walk on and Local Authorities are responsible for the upkeep of pavements and public roads.

Have you suffered an injury due to a slip, trip or fall? If you think you may be entitled to compensation or wish to receive advice on your case just call us on 08000 88 66 77 or fill in our online form and we will be happy to discuss your particular circumstances.



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