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PPI Claims

Would you rather use a claims management company or a Solicitors Practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

There are many claims companies out there asking you to let them help you reclaim PPI premiums you have paid. However Barings is a fully regulated and authorised law firm not a claim company. There have been many reports on Watchdog and other programmes about unethical practices used by some claims companies. The best way to be secure and safe in the knowledge that your claim is being dealt with professionally is by giving your claim to Barings Solicitors.

Baring Solicitors are experts in helping clients claim back their payment protection insurance payments. Many people are unaware that they have even paid PPI on their previous loans or credit cards or mortgages. We are fighting for many clients at the moment and have already secured refunds.

In May 2011 a court case bought by Banks to stop paying back PPI premiums was lost by the banks. UK Banks have now put aside billions of pounds to pay compensation on the Payment Protection Insurance policies the illegally sold to people like you.

Millions of People have been mis-sold payment protection insurance and are eligible to make a PPI claim.

We claim back all the payments you made for PPI plus interest on those payments.

Because the PPI policies were full of loopholes which would have allowed the banks to refuse to pay you, the policies themselves are mostly worthless. This is what we mean when we say the policies of PPI were missold. There are many grounds on which you can succeed in your claim such as you were:

  • Unemployed at the time of taking out the PPI policy
  • Self-employed at the time of taking out the policy
  • Made to believe that taking out PPI was necessary to get the loan
  • Not told you had the option of buying PPI elsewhere
  • Given an inadequate explanation of the terms and conditions
  • Given an inadequate explanation of the medical exclusions
  • Otherwise mis-sold the PPI………….


Do You Have Payment Protection Insurance?

Your mortgage/loan documents or annual mortgage/loan statement will show whether you have Payment Protection Insurance. Credit card PPI shows as a monthly payment on your statement.

Even if you are not sure all we need is the name of the bank and your reference with that lender – which can be found on your bank statements next to the lender name. Even if you do not have this information we can write to the bank on your behalf and get your loan reference from them directly.

So call us today to reclaim your PPI or emailĀ info@baringslaw.com


Barings Solicitors were outstanding! I have used other solicitors before but no other firm made me feel like they really cared about me as a person. Thank you so much!



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